I am an artist living in Los Angeles, California with my husband. Commercially, I've worked as an art director and designer, after receiving a BFA in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design. Currently, I spend most of my time painting and creating portraits of local families. I have exhibited in galleries across California. Through paintings and portraits, my work explores the subtle complexities of family dynamics and childhood.

Process for Portraits
My acrylic paintings capture your loved ones in a modern family memento. Stiff sittings are not required as I work off of photos for references. My process begins with a visit and photo shoot in your home. I work directly with you, sending you a sketch to capture the specific mood of your place and the family's colorful personalities. It’s been a great experience meeting the families and observing the dynamics between the children. 

I’ve also started painting pets! I’ve been having a lot of fun painting digitally as well as cutting wood out with a scroll saw. If you live outside of the Los Angeles area, I can work off of photos you send me. If you are interested in a family or pet portrait, contact me at kchiuart@gmail.com

Clients Include:
Emma and Christopher Nolan, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Elizabeth and Jeff Ingold, Christa and Bill Lawrence, Jen and Dave Goetsch, Jeff Castelaz, The Walt Disney Company

Instagram @kchiuart