• Walk in the Park

    Walk in the Park

    I rarely make political statements with my art, but given the current climate I decided to give it a go with my friend's art show about climate change. Much of today's political landscape is driven by fear-fear of the unknown, fear of physical and personal attacks. With so many sexual harrassment trials coming to light, I thought this Margaret Atwood quote was very fitting:

    "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."

    This piece was also an update to the painting Running I did 12 years ago, a sort of where are they now with the same characters.

    Walk in the Park measures 13x6 inches.

  • Pasadena Art Walk

    Fall is right around the corner, and I've been busy creating new artwork for the Pasadena Art Walk! I'll have a booth with this painting and other art! I'll be showing with my friend Dany Paragouteva. The event is free and one day only. Do stop by! 

    Daydreamer, 11.5x13.5 inches, Acrylic on wood

  • Cola the Corgi

    The latest pet portrait I wrapped up is of Cola, a charming and mischievious corgi. I painted two for my friend so she could give one to her family. 

    I worked with Selina at her office where Cola liked to roam around freely and make his home on the engineering plans. Look at that face! He knows he is a cutie.

  • Mylo

    I created a wood cut painting of Mylo, my sister's fiance's goofy pomeranian. She surprised him with it as an anniversary gift. I've been experimenting with new tools and this was cut with a scroll saw. I'm getting the hang of rotating the wood, it did take a couple of tries! 

    Mylo on the wall. Measures about 12x17 inches.

    Mylo admiring himself 

    Next up, corgis!!

  • Ms. Peacock

    Ms. Peacock

    I had some time to knock out an idea I had of a portrait of Ms. Peacock. She is a stylish socialite who will judge you fiercely. Best be on your best behavior. 

  • Gus and Jake

    Gus and Jake

    Hanging out with the Koh family was a lot of fun! The boys live right next to the beach, as in the beach is essentially their backyard. We ran around the sand and I snapped some pictures back home with their dogs. 

    The family also ordered prints to give to the grandparents and to hang in their offices.