• Kaleidoscope

    Painted this for a friend's art show, with the theme Caesura. A caesura is a break in time. I was thinking of that calm yet tense moment before change and depicted a dad and daughter as they wait at the train station about to embark on a journey.

  • Hana and Renzo

    I updated my website and added a Drawing Section. It includes my latest work from a Character Design class I took at Gnomon where I reinterpreted the characters from Hansel and Gretel.

  • Passage of Time

    Where were you 8 years ago? Are you living in the same place, are you the same person? Eight years ago, I visited Ellie and Adeline in their home when they were a baby and a young girl, and painted this:

    Now the girls are 9 and 13 years old, with interests in music, reading and art. It was compelling to step into the same house and see the girls as different people.

    For this companion portait, I mirrored the poses and kept a surreal background. 

    It was a lot of fun to capture the passage of time and I would love to do more series like this! 

  • But first, Coffee

    Happy New Year!

    This is a later post, as in the spring of last year, I had the privilege to create illustrations for my writer friend Tien Nguyen for interviews she wrote with Ambrose Pasquini, founder of Pasquini Espresso Company, and Martin Deidrich, creator of Diedrich Coffee.

    A good cup of coffee goes a long way. Ever wondered where your coffee comes from? Pasquini opened one of the first espresso cafes Moka D'Oro and then Via Veneto in Southern California back in 1956, when a cup of coffee cost you 35 cents, and baristas and latte art were not a thing.

    Diedrich's family owned a Guatemala coffee farm in the 60s. His parents left the farm with fresh sacks of coffee beans and hand built roasters in the backseat of the 1963 Volkswagen van, made the six day trek to California, and set up shop in Newport Beach. Today it has grown into Kean Coffee. 

    Full articles hopefully will be up soon!

  • Marlo and Spencer

    This past month, I was excited to create a portrait for Michael Keenan. Michael had seen the very first portrait I did of the Ingolds and held on to this idea as a gift for his husband. Marlo and Spencer are funny, active kids and it was a joy painting them with their dog Sunny.

    Here it is framed!